We catch up with life & business coach Siobhan Kearney as she embarks on her new venture, At One Wellbeing. Siobhan has built up a reputation as one of the go-to professionals in the mental health sphere and with At One Wellbeing she is able to combine her extensive experience with a range of new complementary skills. Let’s hear more…..

Sum up At One Wellbeing in less than 50 words

The business is exclusively aimed at supporting people to make positive changes in their lives and to be able to better manage the stresses life can often throw our way. This includes life and executive coaching which is a confidential, non-judgemental support towards life goals.  

Why do you feel there is a need for this type of service?

I have worked in mental health for over 6 years and during that time I realised that the more support people have, the better chance they have of living a fulfilled and happy life. I also realised that we are all walking a fine line with our own mental health and felt that there was a gap in the market for those who may have intermittent low mood, experience ongoing stress and anxiety but may not need medical intervention.  This is why I trained as a life and executive coach and in my holistic therapies – a unique blend which I believe will be helpful to those who just need that bit of support to declutter their lives, to regain focus and learn how to live a full and satisfying life.

How important is awareness of your mental health?

It is essential. The excellent work many of the mental health charities are undertaking has really helped destigmatise mental illness. But there is some way to go.  The services offered by charities is excellent – but what I offer is different. I focus on helping people create a vision for the life they want and help them take the necessary steps to help get them there.  I help them identify goals, develop actions to meet those goals and guide them through a process where they begin to dream big. I do not focus on the past or on problems – coaching is solutions focused and may not actually be a service that would benefit someone who is depressed or suffer from anxiety or any other mental illness. 

Is happiness something that can be taught?

I think that’s a very subjective question – because what happiness is for one person will be totally different to what it is for another.  What I think can be taught are the skills to look after your mental health, for example the 5 Steps to Wellbeing is the most evidence-based approach to wellbeing, including connecting with others, taking notice of the beauty of the world around you, keeping active, giving – whether that is your time or expertise and keep learning.  This can be taught.  It is something I focus on and believe that if you can develop practice in each of the five areas then you will build your resilience, improve your mood and nurture the happiness that lies within. Sometimes when you are very stressed or depressed it can be nearly impossible to imagine ever being happy. But for the people who would use my services, yes, I firmly believe happiness can be talked about as a goal, that can then can be a part of your life and you can learn to attend to and nurture.

What are your top tips for living a more content life?

There are the top 10 tips, the top 100 tips, the top 500 tips and so on – but I think finding your true self and living in tune with that self is really important.  Cultivating kindness to yourself and others, practising gratitude and compassion is essential. It is about being open to new experiences, protecting your mental health and actively putting strategies in place that you can commit to and that are good for you physically, emotionally and mentally.  

We are so caught up in technology that we don’t even notice that the cherry blossoms are out at this time of year. But taking notice of things like this has a really positive impact on our wellbeing. And connecting with others – we don’t take time to connect with those around us – we’re far too busy on our mobile. We sit at the dinner table and don’t engage in conversation with our family – and our wellbeing suffers. So my top tips would be in line with the five steps to wellbeing, these are based on evidence, backed by the PHA – and they are so simple it would be hard to argue that anything else is better.

When do you think coaching is most beneficial?

Coaching is beneficial in lots of different circumstances. It is an excellent way to help you achieve work life balance, deal with major changes in your life, help you with your career and performance, relationships and dating, breaking negative habits, developing self-confidence and improving esteem. Overall, I believe coaching is a powerful tool to help people get out of their own very busy heads and have space to identify and focus on areas in life that they want to work on. With support they will see their own unique path for achieving personal success and it is this skilful guidance that is so key to the success of a coaching relationship.

It’s hard to take time out, but why do you believe It’s important to do so?

As life gets busier we need to carve some time out for self-care. If we do not then the consequences can be total burn out, feeling overwhelmed and stressed and basically being miserable. And self-care can take any form – reading a book, listening to music, practising meditation, meeting a friend for coffee, sleeping in – whatever you find most enjoyable and nurtures your spirit. I have in the past neglected myself and the journey of negativity I found myself on was hard to break. Now I practice yoga and Pilates, I even got myself a bit of a social life! I sleep in or have a nap when my body tells me to. And it helps! so my advice would be find the time and just do it.

Gives us a sneak peek into your future plans….

I’m excited to have established the business. I’m currently coaching myself to dream big! I’ll let you know how that goes, but I imagine that within the next two to three years I will have established a wellbeing hub offering a full range of services that offer most benefit to people who are seeking to make change and enjoy authentic and full lives.

We wish Siobhan every success! If you think she can help, get in touch at siobhankearney1@gmail.com

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