I recently celebrated a special anniversary so enjoyed a few drinks in Belfast’s new Grand Central Hotel. A lot has been said about its 360 degree panoramic view from the Observatory (which you can see is amazing), but after spending an eye-watering £16 on a G&T it got me thinking how much is too much to spend on a glass of mother’s ruin?

A study by Bolsover Cruise Club looked into the price of a single-measure of gin and tonic in bars and restaurants across 30 of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations and found that the average cost of a G&T across the world now stands at £9.25. 

London is one of the worst offenders for inflated G&T prices, with an average price of £8.82. However when I was there last week, the cost varied from £6 to £9.50 depending on where you visited in the city.

The study also found that bars and restaurants in Europe are equally expensive, with Paris, Barcelona, Switzerland and Milan named as budget busting cities.

It’s not just Europe that gets flagged. If you’re heading across the pond for some winter sun, take head. Las Vegas and Los Angeles were both outed as even more costly than London when it came to gin. I can vouch for this after visiting both locations on my honeymoon earlier this summer and in some LA venues paid £12 and in Caesars Palace in Vegas I paid £16 – but in fairness the measure looked more than a double or more as the barman just kept pouring!

But what has led to this rise? Some argue the price of gin is down to a combination of people’s changing tastes and also “better marketing”.

UK gin sales have doubled over the past six years and according to a YouGov poll, gin was the most beloved spirit in the UK, with 29% of drinkers voting it their favourite. This coupled with the rise for upmarket mixer, (Fever Tree recently reached record profits of £4.5bn), creative use of social media by distillers/ brands, as well as our love for artisan products could mean this growth is set to continue.

But will it last? Only time will tell – but with more than 30+ gin brands in Ireland, my motto is  – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em and now’s the time to be part of the gin revolution. Cheers!

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