When’s the last time you send a postcard? I can honestly say it’s not something that even comes on my radar. I think the last one I remember sending was to my granny when I was 17 and working in Ibiza – before you ask, it was of a Spanish sunset and not some mad raver! 

But it seems like I am not alone, as new research by cruise line, Royal Caribbean International has revealed that the humble postcard is all but obsolete as 70% of people from the UK admit to not having sent one in the past year, with over 50% of people from Northern Ireland admitting that they never send postcards to friends and family when on holiday.

We now apparently spend more time sending a ‘boast card’ than a postcard, which means we send boastful snaps of our trips away to make our friends and work colleagues jealous. We’ve all done it, and you would be telling porky pies if you said you haven’t. If you want to get a perfect one, Royal Caribbean has teamed up ‘The Whole World is a Playground’ to help you capture the ultimate, bragalicious #Boastcard.

More for your money – Pick a holiday that will provide a wealth of experiences and destinations worth boasting about. This pic is from my recent trip to Dubrovnik -which was amazing and a location where Game of Thrones is filmed. 

Pick your time – ‘Golden hour’, the hour just after sunrise or just before sunset, creates the most evocative light for holiday photos, so set that alarm clock!

Shock factor – Get out of your comfort zone, go on a giant zip line, sky dive, go surfing!  Seek out new experiences to increase maximum boasting potential.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T – It’s always important to treat the locals with respect, so if there’s a sign saying no photos, don’t take one.

 # – Hashtags increase the reach of your images, for Instagram try 3 or 4 in the main photo caption followed by more in a comment below… and why not try a shameless #Boastcard.

Location, location, location – Always tag the location of a photo when posting. This instantly increases the reach allowing others visiting to find your photo. This pic was from my recent trip to Montenegro – near where Casino Royale was filmed and the fab countryside is worth a brag all by itself!

Do your research – To get the best shots you need to seek out the best photo locations, so plan ahead!

Last but not least, have fun! –  Remember you are on holiday and surrounded by incredible and often once-in-a-lifetime scenes – so have fun and live in the moment!

Great tips! I’m off for a short break in the next few weeks so will look forward to trying these out. Fancy a go? Follow us on Insta @GSpots_blog and use #Boastcard so we can compare the best!

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