shutterstock_397577941When it comes to the party season if you’re anything like me there are a few things on the Christmas checklist. A little black dress ✔️ big bouncy blowdries ✔️ sparkly make-up ✔️ …but the true secret to looking good in my book is starting with the perfect skincare ✔️✔️✔️

If you go into any department store you could be forgiven for running out screaming with all the lotions and potions that get thrust at you. However, always wanting to get the inside scoop for GSpotters!, I have discovered the gold standard of skincare, which offers the perfect Christmas gift to boot.

fullsizerender-5Zein Obagi has been a dermatologist for more than 35 years and has been able to use his experience to create a range of products that will transform your skin. Bold words indeed, but I have been using ZO Skin Health for about a year and my skin has been totally rejuvenated.

The theory behind this quality brand is to create healthy skin, rather than just putting products on skin that has been damaged. The four parts of ZO Skincare are Therapeutic, Maintenance, Daily Skincare and Prevention – which means you have everything you need for your skincare routine from cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen, serum, exfoliator and peels.

I’m sure each of you have your own skincare routine, but trust me, when you start seeing the results you will actually look forward to pampering and not think of it as a chore. I’ve been using the ZO anti-ageing products everyday and the peels once a week – because I’ve finally admitted I’m not getting any younger.

img_9746I was introduced to the ZO Health range by a good friend, Alex Haq who is an administrator and trainer in natural aesthetics. As you can see from this photo she is a walking advertisement for the success of her products and services. Alex splits her time between Belfast and London and is constantly training to keep up-to-date with all the latest procedures to keep the women of Northern Ireland looking fab-u-lous. Alex takes a more clinical approach and really takes care to work out the right treatment for each patients and building a lasting relationship – which definitely makes a change from some beauticians who constantly bombard you with treatments you don’t really want or need.

Alex is my go-to for ZO Skincare products but she also has another string to her bow with botox and fillers appointments keeping her diary full. Although it’s not for everyone as I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to needles, but you can definitely see below the excellent results she achieves for her patients. I know there are a lot of places that offer botox and fillers, but being a medical procedure, Alex advises to go to a trained professional. She has earned her stripes as a trained nurse as well as participating in aesthetics masterclasses in Harley Street and Paris.

fullsizerender-5fullsizerender-5-copyI know people say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in this crazy world that judges us on how we look it isn’t a bad idea to get a helping hand.

So the next time you get asked for ID when you buy that bottle of wine, remember who to thank!

Get in touch with Alex for a free consultation on 07799146975/ or on Facebook. You can also contact her for ZO Health beauty boxes (pictured) or Christmas gift vouchers