One of the hottest trends in accessories this SS18 is leather. But if you think your black tote will cut it, think again! According to the fashion crowd, the biggest changes in handbags is with colours, rather than form, and tan bags are poised to replace your black arm candy. 

Although I love bargain pieces from high street, when it comes to handbags, there’s always something special about getting quality that lasts. Good news GSpotters!, I’ve found a designer of hand-stitched leather handbags and she’s based here in Belfast! 

Deirdre Morrison has been making goods out of leather for about three years, but has probably spent all her life building up to it. Working out of a small studio in her East Belfast home, she has created a flourishing business out of something she loves.

“Leather is an amazing material to work with. Because it’s natural, every piece is unique. It’s durable and gets better with age.” she says.

As there are no tanneries left in Ireland, her leather from comes from around the world. “A lot comes in from Italy or America. I use beautiful leathers from the famous Horween tannery in Chicago, for example, and soft, supple deer skin from Canada.”

Along with the leather coming from far flung places, so do her customers. “My customers find me from all parts – Singapore, Australia, the US and Europe – anywhere there are people with an appreciation of fine craft work and nice leather!” Deirdre adds.

I can vouch for the quality and design and after spending hours and sometimes days on creating pieces, Deirdre really does put her heart and soul into each one.

Take the Leather Satchel bag (pictured) – it’s super supple, hand-stitched in Montana tan leather and all about the detail. It’s cross-shaped stitching adds strength and character; solid brass fittings and rivets will stand the test of time; pockets for ease of access and organisation. There are no short cuts, only beautiful, careful craftsmanship. This bag is designed to last and last and last.

The other plus point is that she doesn’t just make handbags, Deirdre’s product range also includes leather buttons, personal organisers and luggage labels (pictured). With wedding season just round the corner, this is something I’m sure travel loving newlyweds would appreciate (I know I would!)

Prices range from £6.00 for a set of burnished leather buttons, to £400 approx for some leather bags. Leather is something that always come into fashion, so will be an investment piece and unlike many of us, it will age beautifully!

Find Deirdre @KukiOriginals on the socials or purchase directly here 

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