With spring in full swing many of us are braving it by getting the pins out. But let’s face it nobody wants to see white speckled limbs taking the good look off the new season fashion trends!

Step forward our favourite Derry salon, RoCo, with its Conscience Clear Liquid Tan, holla! Cited as a revolution in tanning thanks to its natural organic formula, CC even topped the charts by winning the BodyCare category in the recent IMAGE beauty Awards. 

Drying instantly on contact with the skin, its odourless formula offers a natural sunless tan that works to boost your natural skin tone leaving you with a flawless, natural colour. Free from parabens and harsh chemicals, CC Tan is enriched with certified Organic ingredients sourced from the Swiss Alps, helping to lock in moisture with every use.

And now for the science bit….

Manufactured with a sustainable ethos at the CC lab in Ireland, CC tan is vegan friendly, free from toxins, harsh chemicals and is developed with carbon neutral ingredients. It’s safe, simple and conscience clear. Key Active Organic Ingredients include natural extracts from:

  • Artemisa plant: Known for its powerful essential oils to moisturise
  • Masterwort: A rare, natural ingredient used for it’s skin renewing benefits.
  • Butterfly Bush: Rich in honey, nectar, essential oils. This ingredient gives that natural tan glow

Sounds too good to be true? Well not for one lucky GSpotter! as we have a CC Tan & Tanning Mitt to give away.

To enter: Email your answer to this question before Friday 6 April to win@gspots.biz 

Q: What city is RoCo located in?

Good luck!

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