portable-network-graphics-image-292175b7237e-1When growing up in Belfast if someone asked you to meet them on a street corner to go to a secret location, it was more than likely not going to end well. However, thanks to the team behind Maison it’s now gone all hip and something that is taking the local foodie scene by storm.

Belfast’s newest secret dining club takes place every few weeks in and around the city. You meet in a specific location, at a set time and eat dinner with a group of people you’ve never met. I’m sure many of you have heard about secret dining clubs in bigger cities, and according to our Austrian host, Daniel it’s a great way to meet like-minded people if you’re new to a city. But let’s face it we live in Belfast not Boston, so of course when I went earlier this week many of the guests round the table knew each other.

fullsizerender2That didn’t mean it was a bad night, far from it, but it could be a tad problematic if you were stuck on a table with people you aren’t keen on, especially as the setting is so intimate. Thankfully we had a great group that were chatty and fun and it wasn’t just because the wine was flowing. The food was great – what’s not to love about a 5-course tasting menu and wine for £30!

The dishes are interesting and seem to follow a theme.  A mix of fish (we had delicious Scallops), meat (we had beautiful Rose Veal) and veg (we had an unusual mix of Carpaccio of Kohlrabi, Carrots and Nasturtiums) with matching wines make it a great way to ease you into the week.

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I’ll not spoil it, but there are other interesting parts to the night – but remember it’s invitation only so get following them on Twitter and join the food revolution!  @MaisonBelfast