We chat to talented businesswoman Nicole Hollinger, who’s new boutique Chapter 35 is seeing the fashion pack descend on her native town of Holywood. Let’s hear why….

Sum up Chapter 35 in less than 150 words? Chapter 35 is the home of previously loved clothes and accessories on Holywood’s Church Road. The name Chapter 35 represents a new chapter in my life and 35 comes from the address. The boutique is bright and spacious that stocks everything from casual wear, formal wear and bridal wear, to shoes and accessories and even children’s clothes. There is a vast range of designer and top end high street clothing/accessories in next to new (and brand new) condition. Visitors can expect to see well-known names such as Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Armani and Mulberry on display. I like to say it’s a cove full of hidden treasures, each looking for a new home.

Describe your typical customer? One thing that all my customers have in common is their love of clothes! Due to the wide selection of brands, styles, sizes and prices, I am so privileged to meet lots of people each day whom are all extremely different. It is amazing to see how people’s taste in clothes vary from each individual. It is a true testament in Chapter 35 that although fashions fade, your unique style stays.

Did being a model give you any inspo to the collection? I have always had a love of clothes and when I modelled I was extremely lucky to be able to wear high quality and luxurious items. This allowed me to familiarise myself with labels/brands and gain more appreciation towards finer clothing. From this, I strive to select the best quality items to sell in my shop for my customers. Modelling opened my eyes to the world of fashion and how there is so much diversity within the industry. Again, I wanted to reflect this diversification through the items I stock by keeping the selection of clothes and accessories as wide as possible.

Holywood is a haven for quirky boutiques, was that your inspiration for locating there? I love Holywood! I live in Holywood at present and have spent my whole life here, therefore to have my first business in a town so close to my heart felt so right. It is a wonderful town filled with great eateries and bars, booming businesses and of course, beautiful boutiques. I feel so honoured to join the ranks of longstanding retailers in the town. Each of them has something special and different to offer and I hope that Chapter 35 can follow suit. And I can’t forget the people of Holywood who have been so supportive – there is a real sense of community in the town.

What is your most coveted piece in the collection to date? This is an extremely difficult question as I absolutely love everything in the shop and wish it was all mine! If I had to choose, it would probably be a purple Moschino dress and accompanying pearl detail cardigan (pictured). They exude elegance and sophistication, and could be worn almost all year round. There is also a beautiful little floral MaxMara dress that is super cute and perfect for this time of year!

You sell previously owned clothes, have you received had any collectors items? I have been so lucky to receive some extremely beautiful pieces. I am not sure that I have any collector’s items as such but I definitely have pieces that could become collectables in a few year’s time. For example, I currently have two Mulberry handbags which I am obsessed with! There is also a beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag that gets a lot of attention. I have very good quality J Brand jeans as well as two pairs of Gucci trousers that would be an incredible investment.

Sounds good to us! Best of luck Nicole – no better woman for the job! 


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