It’s been positively tropical in Northern Ireland this week and if you’re anything like me you’ll love the chance to get the pins out! But if you aren’t a fan of being pale and interesting then you’ll want to tan yourself up!

If you fancy keeping it local and picking a tan that is having a great boost in fortunes, then give the He-Shi Express Liquid Tan a try. This original tanning hero is quick and easy to apply as a light liquid. The ‘see where it goes’ formula dries in minutes and delivers a golden tan that lasts between 7-10 days.

Ooh I love a tanning mitt for applications and the nice people at He-Shi have developed their own that has a flocked foam surface that helps with flawless coverage and is easy to wash.

This is a popular product and regularly makes the beauty pages of Elle and Glamour, so you know you’re in good company. This is only one of the products in the range- check out the rest here.

Although He-Shi is easy to use, I applied mine last night but wasn’t giving it my undivided attention so of course missed a few bits! It got me thinking about the best ways to correct any tanning mishaps. Here are a few top tips:

 Removing fake tan

Skin needs to breathe before your next application, but when taking tan off try not to panic scrub as it will come off in patches and become a right old mess. Rather, use a light body polish mixed with a tiny amount of bath or massage oil and repeat this a couple of times for an even all-over fade.

Another less conventional option is to go swimming. The chlorine will break down the tan and help is come loose so you don’t have to scrub violently. Exfoliate in the shower after – the wee exfoliator gloves are great and not very expensive. If the pool’s in your gym, the sauna or steam room is also a way to soften the tan.

How to remove fake tan streaks

I admit that sometimes my self-tanning applications can turn into rather uneven but rather than scrubbing it off, the easiest way to get rid of streaky limbs is to run a bath and fill it up with a bath oil. This will soften the tan, and using an exfoliator mitt in circular motions will ensure that any stubborn patches are evenly removed.

How to remove fake tan from hands and feet

Orange, patchy hands and blotchy feet are the biggest giveaway that you’ve been hitting the bottle, but there’s a kitchen cupboard staple could be the answer to your prayers. Add two tablespoons of baking soda to some water and mix to create a paste. Then rub this it over your hands or feet, leaving it on for a few minutes and ensuring you haven’t missed any particularly bad creases before washing it off.

How to remove fake tan quickly

If you’re heading out to a wedding or event and need to get rid of bad tan lines quickly that morning, hit the kitchen cupboard again as lemons can help. The old faithful combination of lemons and sugar mixed together will work to an extent, but you really need to give it some welly with your mitt to give it the best chance of working.

How to remove fake tan from clothes

Getting fake tan stains on your favourite top or sheets can be an absolute nightmare. You need to try and remove the stain while it is still wet. Reversing the fabric and running it under cold water will help to loosen the product, but try not to rub it as you could end up smearing it and making it worse. Instead, mix warm water and some detergent and sponge onto the affected area, repeating until the stain has disappeared. 

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