It’s always good to get tips from the experts, and professional make-up artist and BBC Apprentice candidate, Grainne McCoy is just that. Sassy, witty and with probably the most perfect eyebrows I’ve ever seen, it is very easy to take make-up advice from her! So when she held a masterclass using KARAJA products – it was an invite I wanted to accept.

Grainne’s been using brand KARAJA for 10 years so knows her stuff when it comes to which product is best. Beady-eyed G Spotters! will remember we’ve featured this brand a few times, partly because it’s quickly becoming the make-up of choice for leading professional salons across Ireland.

One of the main reasons it has such an appeal is because of its versatility. KARAJA is perfect for women of all ages who want to experiment with colour and texture. And because our skin’s health is as important as how it looks, KARAJA’s advanced formulations deliver multi-taking skincare benefits delivering guaranteed results.

If you weren’t able to make it, I jotted down 10 of her top tips. Hope they give you a bit more confidence, because as Grainne says, ‘Sure it’s only make-up!’

  1. It’s very important to prep you skin and the old adage of cleanse, tone and moisturise is necessary to give your make-up the best staying power.
  2. Your eyes frame your face – start with them before applying foundation so you can brush away any excess colour that drops onto your skin.
  3. When applying foundation, put it on with a brush to allow even spread, use serum to help set it – and don’t forget to let it dry before using any powders or it will clog on your skin. 
  4. To get perfect brows, make sure there’s no serum or oil on the hair or your pencil will smudge, use a disposable mascara wand to brush your brows into shape, lift your arch and pencil in a sweeping movement.
  5. Applying eye colour should be done in steps. Use a base concealer to keep your colour on for longer. And remember to use a matt, not liquid concealer on your eyelid as the pigment won’t stick.
  6. Choose a neutral colour for the base colour and blend around the eye in a ‘V’ movement, then build up pigment from the outside in. It’s important to ‘blend’ the colours together and not just leave the colours separate on the eye.
  7. Be sure to use the right brushes – a buffing brush is good when using setting powder, a fan brush is good for contouring and a large blending brush is good when using eyeshadow. Also when using brushes to define the eyes, smaller brushes work better. 
  8. Use ‘feather’ movements when applying blusher, bronzer, powder etc… a very light touch is better than dragging the brush across the face.
  9. When applying lashes, cut off the very edge or it will irritate your eye, wrap it round your finger to help with the shape, make sure the glue is ‘tacky’ before you apply & squeeze the lashes together with tweezers to stick them together.
  10. A spritz toner is the final way to ‘set’ your make-up. Grainne uses Skinician Purifying Toner, which can also be used as your 3-step face prep product.

Sounds good doesn’t it! Can’t wait to try them out and hit the town. Good luck!

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