Our latest hidden gem is the Mika & Lolo bilingual children’s book series, that is aimed at parents looking for new ways to educate and inspire their kids.

Written by Spanish native, Virginia Méndez, who lives in Belfast with her children, Nora, Eric and husband Chris, each book tries to challenge the norms of today’s society, hoping to give a more open-minded message to children. 

The concept of the series is about cousins Mika and Lolo, who are trying to work out why people treat them slightly differently for being a girl and a boy. It questions aspects of everyday life that are imposed by their gender and encourages them just to be themselves, no matter whether they are a girl or a boy.

Aimed at both children aged 6-11 years who can read it themselves and younger children whose parents read it to them, the series is gaining fans across the UK and Europe. 

Virginia says, “I wrote the book for our family to open the dialogue around some aspects of feminism that need to be absorbed at the early learning stage. In a world whose audio-visual and literary market still seems to perpetuate the outdated concepts, I also wrote it for all those families who share those values but can’t find the appropriate tools to pass the message to their kids.”

Written in both English and Spanish gives readers the opportunity to pick up both languages, but more importantly, children and adults love it! Feedback has been very positive with parents have been purchasing more books as gifts for friends to read to their children. 

One parent said,“My kids and I loved the book, easy for them to feel identified and food for thought for adults, congratulations!” While one uncle, who read it to his niece said,“Absolutely brilliant, loved it! Funny, thought-provoking, really engaging story, looks great, and amazing characterisation for a book that length!”

Virginia has got the literary bug and plans to write more Mika & Lolo books. She says, “I would like to use them as complements to family conversations (always the most important tool) for all those situations that are perhaps slightly difficult to discuss –  we can have drawings and characters that kids can identify with and that let us communicate with them in a more effective way.”

Sounds like the start of a blossoming literary career – we can’t wait to see more from Mika & Lolo!

Contact Virginia: Twitter: @MikaLolo_  IG: @MikayLolo E: hello@mikalolo.com and you can purchase a copy of Mika & Lolo here 

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