It’s fair that most of us start a new year wanting to try something new. But if Polercise or Zumba sounds far too energetic, then you could take inspiration from local lass, Laura Trueman who has rediscovered her love of art after taking a Painting for Pleasure evening class.

The 15-week course, which runs from early February to the end of June gave her the chance to learn and develop her own painting style. That style focuses on Northern Ireland landmarks and scenery such as The Big Fish at Belfast’s Lagan Weir, The Dark Hedges famed from Game of Thrones, H&W Cranes and The Mussenden Temple.

Although Laura intended to paint pieces solely for herself, after interest from her friends and family she has started to make commission pieces for sale. 

Priced from £15, the pieces are painted using acrylic paint and can take up to 15 hours to create. She says, “I sold three of my larger paintings on the first day I posted them on Instagram. I couldn’t believe people would be so interested! It’s a real confidence boost and it has inspired me to come up with new ideas. Northern Ireland landmarks are easily recognisable so they have been well received. I’ve even had a piece sent across to America – hopefully that’s the start of my work breaking into the booming tourist market!”

What makes Laura’s work different is that the larger paintings are slightly three dimensional as painted on either mud rock or tissue paper with the inclusion of some different materials to add effect. This makes the paintings real showstoppers and the perfect gift for a house warming or birthday present.

“I always had an interest in painting but was far from being a pro. The course helped me gain more confidence in my ability. My plan for 2018 is to expand my range and find new textures and prints to paint. It’s ignited my passion and that’s what life is all about!”

If you fancy giving Painting for Passion classes a go – more info can be found here .

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