Living in a country that’s surrounded by water really does have plus points especially when you can enjoy a night in the scenic town of Portaferry. Touted as one of the most picturesque locations in Northern Ireland, it literally means ‘The Landing Place of the Ferry‘ and to be fair the town is dominated by the comings and goings of its namesake. 

If you decide to stay in the Portaferry Hotel like we did, you’ll be able to see it all from your window, as well as enjoying a haven of relaxation, excellent service with just the right amount of sea air.

We booked the ‘Gincation’ package which included choice of 4 types of gin from frankly one of the best range of brands I’ve ever seen! With choices from across the island, we gave Dingle and Bertha’s Revenge a try, as well as NI natives, Jawbox and Shortcross. It also had a few packets of Tayto thrown in for good measure, sure would you ever need to leave the room!

Well it did cross my mind thanks to extras including a Nespresso machine with bone china cups, a fully stocked bathroom, an amazing four poster bed and a pleasant view over Strangford Lough. However, not wanting to waste the opportunity, we decided to venture out and caught the ferry to Strangford and arrived in a matter of minutes.

Although the food in the Portaferry Hotel is renowned, particularly the fish options, we decided to try The Cuan for a change of scenery. I guess the fact that it was a beautiful night meant we didn’t mind travelling, but in the depths of winter I’m sure the hotel restaurant would be a great alternative. Finishing off with cheeky nightcaps in the Hole in the Wall and Lobster Pot before hoping on the last ferry, we really did feel we were making the most of the area.

I know it’s hard to get a feel for a place just by reading it online, but trust me if you’re looking for a quaint weekend getaway then you couldn’t go far wrong with Portaferry. The hotel we stayed in has an active events calendar over the next few months and quickly flicking through I see Craft Ale, Wine Tasting and a Gin evening all in there. My top tip is if you’re trying any of these, get up early for the breakfast – it’s like heaven on a plate and definitely nothing fishy about it!

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