G Spots! A New Idea For The ‘Now’ Year

Welcome back G Spotters! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Busy festive period for me – eating, drinking and being merry! If you’re anything like me, you are probably starting your resolutions by eating less and moving more – my fridge has never seen so many fruit and vegetables in its life.

However instead of focusing on our physical wellbeing, I decided to dedicate my first column of 2015 to a new service that advises us that thinking about our mental wellbeing is just as important.

Aware Defeat Depression, which has offices in Belfast and Derry~Londonderry, is rolling out its new mindfulness programme across towns and cities in the north.


Mindfulness is a world recognised technique that can help participants decrease anxiety, worry and stress and help them focus their energy and enthusiasm on improving their personal and professional life. It teaches how to become aware by observing the here and now without judgement. It brings awareness to our thoughts and feelings and helps prevent us becoming wrapped up in them and makes it easier to manage them.

The course takes place over 6-weeks and in order to get the most out of it, it does require a commitment for this time. This is what you can expect from the programme…


· WEEK 1 – Vuja-de: You will discover and explore what Mindfulness is and is not. You will learn the skill of how to be present and be in the zone

· WEEK 2 –Coming to our senses: Following on from week one you will engage in Mindfulness exercise as a way of “coming to our senses”

· WEEK 3 – Bringing the mind home: You will discover and explore ways of engaging with body and breath

· WEEK 4 – thoughts without a thinker: You will learn ways of bringing Mindfulness practice into everyday life

· WEEK 5 – The art of falling awake: You will learn ways of bringing Mindfulness practice into everyday life.

· WEEK 6 – You will review and assess the programme, discovering and developing a personal Mindfulness practice that enables and empowers you


Aware is the only charity in the north that works exclusively for those with depression. Since 1996 it has been offering support to those suffering depression and their carers. It is confident that there is a need for this type of service.

Aware Chief Executive, Siobhan Doherty says, “We felt the need to launch this service in January, as the New Year can be a very challenging time for many people, even those who have never previously suffered from depression. We find that low moods and emotional anxiety are prevalent after the buzz of Christmas and we are confident that our mindfulness courses will offer participants an opportunity to focus on ‘the now’ and help them overcome. We encourage people from any age or background to get in touch with Aware if you think this service can help.’

There will be programmes taking place in various locations from January onwards. If you think the Aware mindfulness course can help, get in touch with the charity on 02890 357820 or www.aware-ni.org