I have to confess, I’m not a huge fan of comedians. I would love to be one of these people that laugh their heads off when out at a comedy night…. I am not one of them and I could count on one hand the amount of comedians I actually find funny. Don’t get me wrong I love banter and carrying on, but laughing on cue stresses me out.

timmcgarry1-e1336074118245-500x326However, one of the comedians that makes my five-finger funny list is Tim McGarry, or maybe you know him better as Da from The Hole in the Wall Gang or the Sinn Fein spokesperson in Give My Head Peace. He has also been the host of the Blame Game on BBC for about 10 years, a show that has seen Colin Murphy, Neil Delamare and Jake O’Kane and even Kevin Bridges get a break in the early careers.

I have been lucky enough to be on the radio with Tim and even when he is chatting about serious news, he has a certain Norn Iron wit that makes it very hard not to fall for his charm. Well being a North Belfast boy makes him a great story teller, as well as being smart cookie having studied Law at Queens and forging a successful career in the Fair Employment Commission and the Equal Opportunities Commission.

tim-mcgarry-a310001But comedy is where his heart lies, and he seems to pop up everywhere! From the Tuesday night Comedy Club in the Empire, to the Waterfront and the Lyric. Well to be fair he is currently touring with his new show – ‘Tim McGarry Goes Over the Top’. Focusing on 1916 Easter Rising & Battle of the Somme, the performance highlights Tim’s unique ability of being able to tell the story of Irish history in such a way that he offends both sides equally as much, but with a joke  – so you can’t really take it too seriously.

He shows the fun behind the myths and facts about 1916 – covering the start of 1900s from Carson to the Titanic (it was fine when it left here) and beyond – as well as surmising on what the people of 1916 would think about our lives today. I’ll not spoil it, but it definitely a brilliant night out for the girls, the bf or even your folks. Ok, it can be a bit close to the bone, but in this wee country aren’t we known for our ability to laugh at ourselves? It’s still running for a few weeks in Belfast, Portaferry, Omagh and Downpatrick to name a few. Click here to find the exact list.

kevin_bridgesOh and a few of you lucky GSpotters! may have even nabbed a few free tickets for the special Blame Game recording on Tuesday 25 October, with special guest Kevin Bridges.  If you’re looking for a plus one pick me pick me and I promise I’ll laugh at all your jokes on cue – despite everything I’ve said earlier!  🙂