You’re never too old for a good old bounce on a trampoline! and now you can release your inner child while raising money to boot! Air-tastic in Bangor is looking for sign-ups to its 24-hour bounce in this Friday (12 May) in aid of Cool FM’s children’s charity Cash for Kids.

Kicking off at 9am the day long bounce will run until 9am on Saturday morning and with the day slots set to be busy, the organisers are particularly keen to sign up shift workers such as local police, firemen, nurses, bakers, taxi-drivers and any other night owls to go for an after-hours bounce!

The aim is to raise at least £2,500 for the charity with the support of over 100 bouncers over 24 hours, with collection buckets on site to supplement the fundraising drive for the duration of May.

Budding bouncers can register here for a small registration fee of £10 and are being encouraged to raise a minimum of £20 sponsorship. 100% of this will go towards the charity’s Cash for Kids Day campaign.

Well considering a 30 minute trampoline session burns about 160 calories and a Milky Bar is 85 cals, I estimate that you can have about 90 bars if you complete the whole day – result! 😉

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